Acoustic Guitar FX Sample Demo (uses only AG FX)

Acoustic Guitar FX Sample Demo 2 (uses only AG FX)


Acoustic Guitar FX fills in the gaps of other guitar libraries and provides an unusual but unique addition to your sampled library palette. The guitar used was a Martin Dreadnought D-1GT using John Pearse strings. All of the fx are picked using a medium pick, with the exception of the low slap notes.

The recordings were left virtually alone with minimal post-processing in order to give the user complete control over the sound. Acoustic Guitar FX uses 5 round robins on each of the 3 velocity layers for most samples.


  • Guitar Harmonics
    • 2 recorded octaves of chromatic harmonics.
    • 5 round robin, 3 velocity layers
  • Guitar Muted Notes (+slides & sweeps)
    • 3 recorded octaves of muted picked notes.
    • 5 round robin, 3 velocity layers
  • Guitar Perc
    • Assorted finger taps, knocks, and other acoustic guitar percussive sounds.
    • 5 round robin, 3 velocity layers for each sound
    • Each effect is mapped to 2 keys for easy midi recording
  • Guitar Strum FX & Low Slaps
    • Both mono and stereo muted strum FX (does not contain actual chords!)
      • 5 round robin, 3 velocity layers
    • Low note thumb slaps
      • 1 sample for each note
  • Guitar Strum Rolls & Reverses
    • 1 octave power chord (root note + 5th + octave for those who don’t play guitar!) rolls
      • 2 velocity layers
    • 2 round robins split with individual customizable panning for a mono or stereo effect
    • Power chord reverses
      • 1 sample for each chord
  • Guitar Ebow Notes
    • 2 octaves of guitar notes sustained with an ebow (some notes will seemed doubled due to harmonics)
    • 1 sample for each note

Technical details:

- 44.1 kHz/24-bit waves
- 889 samples
- 6 instrument files
- Requires 330 MB of hard-drive space
- Requires Kontakt 4.2 (retail version)




$39.99 USD




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