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Acoustic Guitar FX fills in the gaps of other guitar libraries and provides an unusual but unique addition to your sampled library palette. The guitar used was a Martin Dreadnought D-1GT using John Pearse strings. All of the fx are picked using a medium pick, with the exception of the low slap notes.

The recordings were left virtually alone with minimal post-processing in order to give the user complete control over the sound. Acoustic Guitar FX uses 5 round robins on each of the 3 velocity layers for most samples

Instrument and Articulations

  • Guitar Harmonics
    • 2 recorded octaves of chromatic harmonics.
    • 5 round robin, 3 velocity layers
  • Guitar Muted Notes (+slides & sweeps)
    • 3 recorded octaves of muted picked notes.
    • 5 round robin, 3 velocity layers
  • Guitar Perc
    • Assorted finger taps, knocks, and other acoustic guitar percussive sounds.
    • 5 round robin, 3 velocity layers for each sound
    • Each effect is mapped to 2 keys for easy midi recording
  • Guitar Strum FX & Low Slaps
    • Both mono and stereo muted strum FX (does not contain actual chords!)
      • 5 round robin, 3 velocity layers
    • Low note thumb slaps
      • 1 sample for each note
  • Guitar Strum Rolls & Reverses
    • 1 octave power chord (root note + 5th + octave for those who don’t play guitar!) rolls
      • 2 velocity layers
    • 2 round robins split with individual customizable panning for a mono or stereo effect
    • Power chord reverses
      • 1 sample for each chord
  • Guitar Ebow Notes
    • 2 octaves of guitar notes sustained with an ebow (some notes will seemed doubled due to harmonics)
    • 1 sample for each note

Technical Details

  • 44.1 kHz/24-bit waves
  • 889 samples
  • 6 instrument files
  • Requires 330 MB of hard-drive space
  • Requires Kontakt 4.2 (retail version)