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Orchestral String FX is a library consisting of effects using a 60 piece string section (16 first violins, 14 second violins, 12 violas, 10 cellos, and 8 basses) utilizing a unique recording method in order to allow the user to “create” various custom effects by piecing separate section parts together. This method gives the user the ability to prevent the effect of certain samples becoming overused and creates a larger number of possibilities.

The samples were recorded dry to give the user complete control over the space. The library contains full FX patches as well as individual patches for RAM conservation.


Instrument and Articulations

  • Create-a-Gliss
    • Sustained
    • Tremelo
    • Sustained to Tremelo
    • Harmonic
    • Random jitter climbing
    • “Rip” Runs (arco and ponticello)
      • 3-4 different speed; both up and down
  • Create-a-Cluster
    • Long Bends (random and written)
    • Random jitter effects
    • Trill surges
    • Tremelo clusters
    • Harmonic bends (random and written)
    • Pizz. jitter effects
  • Create-a-Hit
    • Percussive Col legno (batutto)
    • Body knocking
    • Body tapping
    • Stab clusters
      • Over 15 different stabs per section


Technical details

  • 44.1 kHz/24-bit waves
  • 1,082 samples
  • 17 instrument files
  • Requires 1.4 GB of hard-drive space
  • Requires Kontakt 4.2 (retail version)